Restaurant El Muelle Uno .They also have a BBQ chicken, fish, pork, steak. You can walk there in 5-8 minutes down the Malecon-Boardwalk.
  1. Puente las Caras bicycle/walking lane. You are not just crossing Ecuador’s longest bridge, but an historical estuary teaming with life. To arrive, walk one block towards the police station crossing the street you will see a playground where the circular walking lane ramp starts.
  2. Central Bank Museum of Archeology and History. This Museum is packed with amazing archeological artefacts and boasts the country’s most complete showcase of how this specific area, its people and the culture have evolved. Often adapting to catastrophic events, ethnic overthrows, the ebb and flow of prosperity and its role within Ecuadorian society. The Central Bank Museum houses life-size exhibits portraying the seafaring ways of Bahia, plus an active archeological research center, permanent visual arts exhibits. And visiting exhibits. Here, the highly coveted Spondylus shell which was aggressively traded in pre-Hispanic society is on display. Ask for Carlos the English speaking museum director.
  3. The Cross viewpoint, Mirador la Cruz. Here you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view overlooking Bahia’s both sides of the peninsula. Views reaching to Heart island, Canoa, and the white caps of the submerged ancient lost city Los Bajos de Santa Martha 5 km in front of Bahia.
  4. Miguelito, the giant 106 year old Galapagos turtle, who lives at Miguel Valverde elementary school.
  5. The farmers market.
  6. San Roque, Bahia’s oldest house
  7. Sunset 6pm -10pm in front of Parque Pista de Patinaje is very popular amongst the locals
.The Chone Bay beach is popular amongst the locals; they have a life guard house, On weekends you can rent kayaks, paddles boards. Call Luigi (cel#0994817922) at the tourist office to arrange rentals during the weekdays. Another popular beach especially for surfers is directly in front of Park Pista de Patinaje.
On the corner by the farmers market Ante and Montufar. Sr.Luna sells various sizes of fresh young coconuts, he will cut them open for you right there on the spot.
There is a Banco de Guayaquil Bank in the mall
We organize transportation and tours direct with the island guides during the best time of the day. Every day there is a different, working with the tides. The price is $30usd and the trip last 3 hours. Bring a hat, snack and a water bottle. Heart Island is like a Jurassic park of 25000 birds over 55 species. Including the Galapagos Fragata.
In season we organize transportation and the tour. The price is $30usd the trip last 3 hours. Minimum 3 people.
La playa de Briceños. Restaurante Cangrejo Azul has won the 2014 award for best langoustine (giant prawn dish.$7.50) , To arrive at this beach is $8usd in a taxi. Its 10km north.
We are fortunate to have an International gold medal chef right here in Bahia. At HJ restaurant, Located top floor Pintura del Maestro. (Across from the marina) you will need to make a reservation with Rosy Hidalgo cel# 098916844. Opens at 7pm $10-15 per dish).
Pepitos on calle Bolivar and Muniz Davila. Opens at 6 pm. $8usd.
Take a taxi $10 or any bus about to cross the bridge. $1.50 it is about 20 km.
Take a taxi $2 to the bus terminal which is 5km outside Bahia, from the bus terminal you can choose any of these destination via Porto Viejo/Jipijapa.
Manta or Portoviejo $40. Guayaquil/Quito/Puerto Lopez $150 (prices vary with the time of day/night, and the season.
In Bahia contact Alfonso: $15usd hour. Cel# 0991430966 Bricenos/Canoa Cel $25usd hour contact Paul Walker 0983738539. Minimal 4 days one hour per day.
There are many different options in Manabi from Beachfront to farmland. Let us know what you're interested in and we can point you in the right direction.
Speak with Maestro Morales cel#0990177510 he can organize and build your property development from start to finish.
You can find everything at the mall. including fine wine, imported beer, chocolate cheese cake
Bahia is recognized not only as the cleanest but the safest city in Ecuador. Although due to a higher volume of tourism and the new bridge, crime is rising. Some spots to be careful or avoid all together are around parque Infantil (Paul Harris Park). The very point on the Peninsula between el faro beach and Chone bay beach Av Quito, and past the tennis club towards Bella vista.
Call Luigui cel# 0994817922 you can also rent kayaks from him.
Across the street we have soccer, tennis, basketball courts. Where you can participate with the locals every night.
  1. Henry's boot camp 7 am and 5.30pm in playa el faro
  2. Cardio Dance therapy/fitness class. Mon-fri. 6pm Parque Pista de Patinaje
  3. MMA and Boxing Santiago cel# 0979690066
  4. Gym on the malecon just past the Yacht club $1.50usd drop in
  5. Gym next to the Church $1usd calle Aguilera
  6. Danny’s Gym in the center, very modern brand new equipment.
  7. Beach Yoga 4pm Chone Bay beach.
Km 15 via Canoa
There is one in Sergio Plaza street. Or we can wash and dry your clothes here. We charge a flat rate of $10 per load
On our third floor patio we have a book exchange. or you can borrow during your stay with us.
La Serrana or at the Farmers market
Take a $2 taxi to Leonidas Plaza. The next town South of Bahia. There are a number of private clinics around Av Bolivar.
Bahia Dental. Dr Gustavo Mejia A. Next to the DHL Av Bolivar and calle Riofrio
Rofac. Follow the malecon to calle Eugenio Santos. Or you can find one at the mall.
In season we can arrange transportation to private primary tropical forest reserve and agricultural farm located just 25 minutes outside Bahia via San Isidro.
We can help you obtain a Visa direct with the Migration office in Manta without having to pay the hefty lawyer fees. We charge a small fee for time plus transportation it is usualy around $300